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“I’m just showing you what you already know.” – Anish Kapoor

As an artist and explorer, my work is a materialization of shared experience. Objects can often be the catalysts for completely new and intriguing ways of thought and inspiration. My work can vary between small, quietly-bright abstract wall sculptures to a (literally) loud oversized, interactive rain stick.

My latest body of work melds the stillness of found objects, wood and construction materials with the viscosity of cast cement and saturated latex paint. The work I create hints at the altered universe and sensation that one already understands, knows and sees but in a different perspective. Through an excessive material collection process, I am able to imagine potential forms and sensations created through texture. This allows me to pursue many varieties of combinative experimentation in order to find a precise expression. Combining black hair with cast cement can give a lifeless material found all over the city a sense of organic growth. Using found materials like computer mice and construction materials like cement, the work earns an extension into the everyday life of the viewer, creating a passage to the surreal. Expressions like these, which are the guiding force behind this body of work, are given shape with wood laminating, carving, glues, weaving, knots and objects for a final product of form, texture and impression.

Though I can be stirred by a curious crack in the sidewalk, my work has primarily drawn inspiration from contemporary abstract sculpture and the work of artists like Anish Kapoor, Doris Salcedo and Jen Stark. I strive to create work that is both sensitive to yet disarmingly stimulating towards my audience and community.

Harry Kleeman is a Colorado native with an empathetic drive to create and learn from a wide variety of materials and mediums. After living and working in Huancayo, Peru for five months Harry decided to focus his insatiable ambition on sculpture and returned to CU Denver where he is now completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture with a Spanish minor this upcoming May. With a passion for tumultuous travel and rich experiences, Harry’s work can best be described as gently questioning the value systems of our culture with a flair for contemporary visual art. Through the combination of found wood, seemingly junk-yard materials, thick latex paint and cast cement Harry creates an array of sculptural work. His excessive use of artificial latex paint collides with and freezes naturally curing wood and recognizable forms. Harry has worked alongside many professional artists while working for the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver as well as perused internships at local galleries and professional design firms in order to obtain a healthy survey of what the world of professional visual art and culture production entails.